The Internet in the Cloud

We all know the cloud, its on our phones, our tablets, our laptops. But the cloud is more than pages, its mostly unseen. Behind the pixels the the path forward is through artificial intelligence (AI), and for many the semantic web.

Congnitive Context

Many human abilities are known to be context dependent including: memory, languages, preferences, perception, reasoning and creativity. The how and why of the choices we make.

Artificial congnitive context is the value added component AI will enable. Context for todays business: customers, products, trends.

The Semantic Web

Expert in emerging technologies on the world wide web combined with machine learning, RDF, SparQL, and artificial intelligence; unique qualifications for creating congnitive context.

We are pioneers in creating knowledge 'bots' that understand natural language, it a verbal world too.

Real-Time is Real-Time

Real time and internet development are our specialties. We know real-time in real-time, and we push for internet traffic in near real time.

We've helped many companies improve their presence on the world wide web and integrate their other technologies to keep pace with changing business environments. From large scale mission critical applications, real time applications, smart devices, database optimization and integration, to mobile devices... predicatably.

Building A Better Web

Methods From The Madness

Software should be reliable and maintainable. Years of experience with process driven software development and effective project management has taught us how to build high quality software that performs as designed and is completed on budget and on time.

Whatever the process: lean, CMMI, RUP, Agile or whatever variant suits your organization. We work with our clients from planning to completion relying on accurate, timely and clear communication and insist on getting the job done right.

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